Thursday 15 November 2018

Can Wet Rubbing Fastness Greater than Dry Rubbing Fastness

Usually, Wet rubbing fastness ratings are lower than those of dry rubbing. However, there may be cases when it is reversed. As per Texanlab manual:

"This is sometimes observed in polyester fabrics. In these cases, the friction coefficient in wet crocking is lower than  dry crocking. Thus, in contrast to cotton, the colorfastness to wet crocking for polyester is higher than its colorfastness to dry crocking."

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How a Rubbing Fastness Tester Works. Watch this video:

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Saturday 3 November 2018

Jaipur Printing- Jajam Print

Textile with Jajam prints used to play a great role in the social life of Rajasthan. These textiles used to get spread out on special occasion. It used to be printed in the region of Chittor, where it is spread for playing chaupad, an Indian version of Chess.

An amazing account of this craft is found here.  Anokhi Museum Blog talks a lot about it.

This video is posted by Mr. Brij Ballabh Udaiwal on Facebook:


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