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How to calculate the weight of Fabric

How to Calculate Warp and Weft Yarn Required for a Standard 100m of Fabric

Here is one Query:

"I run a small business of supplying 100% cotton fabric to exporters . As you are aware the cotton yarn prices are on the rise on a daily basis, and the rates that I get from vendors is totally disproportionate to the rise in price. In this regard I request you to kindly teach me a formula to calculate the wrap and weft yarn required for a standard 100 meters of fabric in required widths of 47" and 60". Please suggest the formula in cotton counts."

We need a few things to start Calculating the weight

1.      Yarn count of Warp and Weft
2.      Ends per inch ( Reed) and Picks per inch ( Picks) of the fabric
3.      Width of the Fabric

I am assuming the following ( If you don’t understand, please don’t bother about this, you will be able to calculate the weight of the yarn with certain accuracy) :

1.      Warp Crimp 10%
2.      Weft Crimp 3%

Weight of one meter of Fabric in Grams =((Ends per Inch x Width in Inch x 1.10)/(Warp Count x 840) + (Picks per Inch x Width in Inch x 1.03)/(Weft Count x 840)) x (1.09x 1000/2.2)

Take Ends/Inch and Multiply by Width in inches and 1.10. Divide this quantity by Warp count multiplied by 840. This will give you weight of Warp in pounds of one yard (a). To find the weight of the warp in one meter of fabric in grams multiply (a) by 1.09 and 1000 and divide by 2.2.

Take Picks per inch Multiply by width in inches and 1.03. Divide this quantity by Weft Count multiplied by 840. This will give you Weight of weft in one yard of fabric (b). To find the weight of the weft in one meter of fabric in grams multiply (b) by 1.09 and 1000 and divide by 2.2

Now Add (a) and (b) to get the total weight of warp and weft in one yard of fabric. Let us say this value is (c). Now Multiply (c) by 1.09 and 1000 and divide it by 2.2 to get the weight of one meter of fabric in grams.  Multiply it by 100 to get the weight of 100 meters of fabric in Grams. 

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Unknown said...


is this weight calculated is of one square meter i.e GSM or is it the weight of 1 meter irrespective of width??

Unknown said...

Nice post. Textile Calculation

Unknown said...

What is 840 which is multiplied by warp count??
From where that 840 came?

Unknown said...

840 for cotton yarn
Length in yard/840 ×weight in lb.

Unknown said...

What is 1.09 and 2.2. Is it a norm. What is the formula for canvas gray fabric?

Veena Rao said...

I need to understand how many Kgs of yarn is required to weave 1 Kg of fabric. I understand that it depends on yarn count, PPI and EPI. Could you please explain through one example.

Mansi said...

can someone plz help me with my experiment, i need a weight of 2x2cm cotton, rayon, and wool fabric. i have no idea about the measurements used in textile industry but need readings for my experiments

Ankit Singh parmar said...

If any here so please tell me how to find maximum PPI in fabric while given epi,count

Unknown said...

I want to know weight if fabric from GSM IN weaving fabric

Unknown said...

What is the GSM of fabric weights 120grams per metre?

Unknown said...

Length=30 meter ,thread count=10000 weight=1kg350grms.
What is the weight for,
Length=75 meter,thread count=10600

Please tell anyone

Unknown said...

what is the thread weight of weaving one metre of rayon in 63 reed 30x30 counts 60 pick 48" width?

dev said...

Hai Sir these are my details of cloth i have been using weft -6 Count 64 pick count wrap-10 and Ends 2720 width is 38 inch what will be the approx weight of cloth and how is the strength

Hr said...

I need basic textile formulas

Unknown said...

What is one and half warp?

Unknown said...

Dear it is very difficult method I can teach you simple method
End+pic*width/768/half ACOUNT+10%/2.2046=
It will be weight of 1 MTR fabric

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