Thursday 14 October 2010

Queries from the Readers

I am normally asked questions from readers, the exact answer to which I am unable to provide.

I have decided to post these questions so that you can help, by giving answer in the comments.

Here are two of the questions:

1. Using Fiber Reactive Dyes on Silk:

I am a Silk Artist and work with pure silk (silk habotai). I've used silk paints all this time and now have decided to use dyes instead. However 'Silk Dyes' are not available where I live and therefore I use Fibre Reactive Dyes. Firstly I used Reactive Dyes with Soda Ash according to the cold water method and found out that it takes off the sheen of the silk and also that it is not very practical for the 'painting' (direct application' method). So I followed the instructions given in Paula Brich's website and used reactive dyes as an acid dye by heating with vinegar. The effect is really wonderful and the colours are so vibrant. but the problem is with the wash fastness: colour washes off even after 10 washes.

I would very much appreciate if you could shed some light on how I could use fibre reactive dyes as acid dyes on silk effectively.

2. Getting the Exact Blend in Polyester and Cotton

I am government supplier so i have to give excat specification fabric as per tender.I have to give Blend 65% Polyester & 35% Cotton or PV Fabric & width 47" Weight 90gram+ per meter. But the problem i am facing is in India mostly 70:30 P/C Yarn is available so i cant supply. So please suggest what i should use in warp & weft(eg:100%cotton warp & weft 80:20 PC)to maintain average blend excat 65:35 P/C or P/V whichever is cost effective at both grey & processing stage. So i just want blend 65:35 P/C or P/V weight 90gram+ as per width 47". Count& rid/pick doesnt matter. So please suggest as soon as possible which is cheapest way.

Incidentally it is the 400th Post. I thank you all for the support and encouragement you have provided

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