Friday, 26 August 2011

Some Facts about Linen

1. Flax yarns and fabrics increase about 20% in strength on wetting. Linen is therefore stronger than cotton when it comes to washing.

2. Linen can absorb upto 20% of its own weight of moisture while still feeling dry to the touch. That explains why Linen cloth are always fresh and cool.

3. The tensile strength of Linen is twice as high as that of cotton and 3 times as that of wool.

4. Linen reduces gamma radiation almost by half and protects humans against solar radiation.

5. Linen Cloth does not accumulate static electricity- even 10% of linen in a blend is enough to eliminate the static electricity effect.

6. Heat conductivity of Linen is 5 times as high as that of wool and 19 times as that of silk. In hot weather, those dressed in Linen clothes are found to show the skin temperature 3-4 deg below those wearing silk and cotton.

 Among all the linens, Irish Linen is always known to be the best. Linen is an important fiber for Ireland, so much so that stamps and coins are minted showing linen leaves. Source

You can view the production process of Linen from here

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