Wednesday 6 December 2017

Count, Construction and Width of Common Hotel Linens

What is Thread Count

Thread count is a term used in bed sheets and bed covers. Thread count simply means how many threads are there in one square inch of the cloth. Thus it is the sum of Ends per inch and Picks per inch.

Bed Sheets 

Yarn Count- 40s x 40s
Thread Count- 200 and above

Single Bed Sheet is normally comes in 90" x 108". Double Bed Sheet comes in 108" x 108".

Weave Pattern - Plain weave or satin, sometimes satin stripes are usd.

Bed Spread

Size: 108" x 108" and 90" x 108"
Normal grammage for single bed cover is 880 grams, and double bed cover is 980 grams.

Duvet Cover

Thread Count: 200 and above
Size : 61" x 91"

Here is a list of all the items

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