Tuesday, 21 October 2008

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Warp Preparation Requirements for Rope Dyeing

Ball Warping: Equipment required to form the rope of yarn. It involves creeling multiple ends of yarn ( Between 350-500 ends) and collecting them into an untwisted rope for dyeing. the rope is wound onto a long cylinder called a log on a machine called as a ball warper.

Some Notes

1. Packages of yarn are preconditioned before ball warping
2. Packages are loaded into the creel ( larger lots- magine transefer creeL0 and smaller lots- swing gate or truck creel
3. Packages are placed on adapters. An adapter support the package of yarn and ensure that the package remains aligned to the tensioning devices. Wooden plug type adapter are most effective as they require least amount of exertion to remove the empty package.

Next Step is threading the tensioner located at each yarn package

1. Post and Disk tensioner. It has two posts mounted onto a flat base. two round disk are placed onto each post. The yarn is threaded between the disk and wrapped around the post. One of the parts is movable so that the angle of wrap can be varied. More tension can be added to the yarn by adding round weights onto the top disk.

Advantages are 1. Inexpnsive 2. does Marginally adequate job of maintaining yarn tension 3. Simple to thread up 4. Low maintenance requirements.

Disadvantages are 1. Yarn has a tendency to jump out from between the disks at the rear of the creel. 2. It is labour intensive- when different tension levels are required. 3. There is more frequency of cleaning up 4. It doesnt control tension well at higher speed.

2. The driven disk tensioner

It also uses twin disk arrangement, however the disks are supported from below- there are no posts. Tension is applied from above- there are weights or spring loaded.
A gear under each pair of disks is matched to another gear mounted on a continuous shaft which runs the length of the vertical tension post. This shaft is connected to a 4 rpm motor which rotates the disk.

Advantage of disk rotation are 1. Thread cutting prevention 2. Dampens out variation due to ballooning action of yarn. There is mor uniform tension 4. Less effor required to change tension levels.

Disadvantages are 1. It is more difficult to thread up, there is more maintenance due to electric motor used and at high speed the tension control is not well.

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