Thursday, 2 October 2008

Process Control in Warping-3

Process Control in Warping-3

Maintenance Check points at Warping


1. Clean with compressed air at every creel change-per shift
2. Clean with compressed air and cleaning waste- weekly

Package Alignment at the Creel

1. Look for incorrectly aligned packages, correct if the non-alignment is too severe- regularly
2. completely guage the creel with the help of a gauge- half yearly

Tension Weights

In case of high speed warping machine, check tension weights at every count change- regularly

Tension Level

Check the tension levels with tension meter- Monthly

Stop Motion and Brake

1. Ensure that the machine stops within 1 1/2 revolutions fo the drum in case of high speed warping- regularly
2. Check with condition of drop pins and replace those with cut marks- regularly.

Guide rollers

1. Check for concentricity- half yearly

1. Check for the conditions of flanges and beam shafts, repair damaged beams- regularly

Creel Fans
1. Check that creel fans oscillate properly and are not chocked with fluff- regularly.

Parts in yarn path

1. Check for cuts in parts of machine in yarns parts regularly.
2. repair/replace the parts with cut marks- weekly

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