Friday, 10 October 2008

Cost of Warping

Warping process is required exclusively for preparing warp yarn for weaving. Hence warping cost should be calculated for warp yarn.

Unit costs in this section can be developed on weight basis or on length basis.

Weight Basis

Warping cost per piece length of fabric= weight of warp yarn per length x cost per unit weight.

If unit costs are developed on length basis, they are expressed with reference to specific number of ends (generally 400-500 ends). It follows , therefore, that about four to eight beams ( some time even more) would be required to made one beam for weaving.

In other words, unit cost in terms of length will have to be multiplied by the number of warp beams required per weaving beam. Then warping cost per piece length of a fabric can be calculated as shown:

warping cost per piece length of fabric = cost per meter x tape length x no of warp beams per weaving beam.

If the warp beam is partly colored and partly greige, warping cost should be calculated for greige warp yarn and coloured warp yarn. Generally coloured yarn is processed on slow speed warping frame. Hence cost of color warping usually works out higher as compared to the cost of greige warping.

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