Thursday, 16 October 2008

Efficiency of Sizing

Efficiency of Sizing Department

The major causes of loss of machine efficiency are:

1. Creeling, which includes removing the exhausted beams, mounting new beams, denting, leasing etc.
2. Replacement of weaver's beam on consumption

Efficiency in sizing

Let yarn count= 34
Set length on warper's beam= 18000 m
length of yarn on weavers beam= 1500m
Total number of ends= 4000
Full running speed= 50 m/min
No of lappers per 3000 ends per 1000 m = 3
Time to cut a lapper = 90 sec
Time to doff a beam and put new lease rods = 600 seconds
time to change a set = 6300 sec
Time loss/1000 m due to miscellaneous causes= 60 sec


Sizing time of one beam with no stops : R = (1500x60)/50 = 1800 seconds
Lappers per beam of 1500 m per 4000 ends = 6
time lost in cuttin glappers per beam = 540 seconds
Number of weavers beam per set= 12
time lost per beam in a set change = 6300/12=525 seconds
time loss in beam doffing and leasing per beam = 600 seconds
Miscellaneous losses per beam of 1500 m = 90 sec
total time to size one beam = 3555 seconds
Machine efficiency = (1800 x 100)/3555 = 50.6%

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