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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Reed Calculations

Reed Calculations

Reeds are generally counted using STOCKPORT system, which is based on the number of ends in two inches.
Ex. A 72s stockport reed means 72 dents on 2 inches or 36 dents per inch.

Particulars of reed while ordering

100s ST, 18 G., 44"x 5" blue

- Stockport reed of
- 100 count
- using dents of 18s wire gauge
- Reed is 44" long
- 5" deep
- there will be blue paper on baulk of the reed.

Ex. What will be the number of ends/inch in a reed of 3/80s stockport

80s stockport= 80 dents per 2 inches
= 40 dents per inch

Therefore no of ends per inch = 3 x 40 = 120

Plain Set

When a set contains 4 shafts, it is called a plain set.

The number of heald eyes per inch across the healds in a set expresses the count of the heald.

Ex: 60s count for a plain set means 60 heald eyes on 4 shafts per inch i.e. 15 eyes per inch per shaft. For a 6 shaft set, it becomes 60 heald eyes on 6 shafts per inch i.e. 10 eyes per inch per shaft.

Ex. Find the count of healds that will be required for weaving a 6 shaft satin fabric using 72s stockport reed, drawn 3 ends per dent.

No. of ends per inch in the reed = (3x72)/2 = 108 ends
Therefore no of healds /inch = 108/6= 18 healds per inch.

Thus we require 72s count of reeds in a plain set.


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