Friday, 24 July 2009

Weekly Website Review- Dyeman

"There are no bad dyes - only bad dyers" is the punch-line of Batik Oetoro , who are suppliers of textile materials, service and know-how to the artists.

The website is well structured and brimming with information.

Click on dyes and you get to see a colorful assortment of dyes. Move down and you will find the dyeing instructions for that class of dyes. There is also a dye receipe for hand painting of the fabrics. Also dyeing instructions for all possible applications are given. For example the following techniques are explained for acid dyes:

1.Dip dyeing
2.Hand painting - chemical water fixation
3.Hand painting - Drimafix fixation
4.Tie dyeing
5.4 Minutes rapid fixation method
6.Polychromatic printing

Under "Fabric Decorating", some marvellous techniques using dyes such as Devore and Marbelling are given.

Though the site was last updated in 2008, you can get an idea about the cost comparison of the different classes of dyes.

There is also an automatic calculator which convert virtually every weight and volume measurement into teaspoons.
I really love their most comprehensive instructions on natural dyes .
They also have instructions for dyeing silk/viscose blend.
For the curious, they have a list of common names used for chemicals .
For the beginner a summary of dyes is given.
Of course, they have a glossary of terms .

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