Monday, 13 July 2009

16 Things to ensure while Making Industrial Apparel Patterns

The following is a list of 16 things to ensure while making an industrial apparel pattern manually:

  1. All the features of the style
  2. Pattern count ( Number of pattern sections) according to the style 
  3. Seam allowance based on style
  4. Type of fixtures required on sewing machine in the manufacturing
  5. Final drafting measurements based on the shrinkage value ( both warp and weft way) for garmens which are subject to further treatment such as washing or dyeing.
  6. Grading the pattern based on the size specification.
  7. Marking the grain lines by an arrow head.
  8. Provide guide notcher for precision assembly, punch holes for positioning of components and darts.  
  9. Use of white hard board paper for drafting.
  10. Use of black color for drawing the original draft line.
  11. Identify the pattern by its style number, customer's name, date of preparation and mention of its status as "sample"
  12. On preparation of the sample garment, place all the pattern sections in a paper bag mentioning pattern count, style number, customer's name 
  13. On receipt of customer's feed back on sample garment effect the changes, if any, by manipulating the draft with Blue color and endorse with signature and date.
  14. On approval from the production manager, change the status of patterns from "sample" to "production"
  15. On finalisation of drafting , prepare "ready patterns" on two tone paper for small components meant for cutting section, sewing section and for monitoring purpose.
  16. In order to prevent curling and chipping of the edges of the pattern section, protect the edges by metal foils.  

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