Friday, 24 July 2009

12 things to Ensure While Marking Master in Garment Manufacturing

12 things to Ensure While Marking Master in Garment Manufacturing

1. Do it only on the selected marking material

2. Ensure Number of patterns necessary for each style to make a complete garment.

3. Ensure facing of the patterns ( faceup, down, lateral, longitudinal) to facilitate cutting in design direction. Provide identification mark with respect to spread type eg. "FU" for face up, "FD" for face down and "FF" for face to face.

4. Determine the grain marking on pattern such as straight, cross and mixed.

5. Note the warp (straight), weft (cross) and bias grain dimension of each pattern.

6. Ensure that the grain alignment on the marker is within the graining tolerances as specified on the pattern.

7. Mark the pattern wholse widths sum up to equal the fabric width shall be marked in parallel formation across the width.

8. Achive maximum interlock efficiency of patterns with tapered width by inverting the alternate pattern depending on the fabric design.

9. Avoid crowding of interlocking angles and curves which restrict the cutters ability to cut the pattern section with precision.

10. Provide sufficient knife clearance for manipulation of cutting machine at interlocking curves and angles.

11. Draw lines with precision ( line value to facilitate cutting)

12. Mark each pattern section with its size, style and pattern title/number.

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