Friday, 10 July 2009

Major and Minor Defects in Garment Production-3

Small Parts
Major Defects
1. Rib Knit set crooked-off, grain holes or runs in knit.
2. Misshaped collars and cuffs
3. Misshaped Tabs
Major Defects
1. Zipper more than 3/8" from bottom.
2. Poorly set zipper causing closure problems.
3.Twisting of the zipper caused by the top stitching of the zipper front.
4. Poorly set zipper causing waviness in the front.
Minor Defects
1. Twisting of the zipper front caused by the top stitching of the zipper front.
2. Setting front ( or facing ) too close to the teeth so that the slider cannot properly function.
Major Defects

1. Button and button holes not set in proper positions or out of alignment.
2. Uncut buttonholes/ missing button/ snap fasteners/ buckles/ zippers etc.
3. Not set in proper position
4. Defective or rusted hardware
5. Hardware not according to the specification in size, color, shape.
6. Snap coming off tacks ( Bartacks)
7. Omitted or misplaced or rivet not servicing its intended purpose/improper length.
Minor Defects
1. Too few stitches in the buttonhole.
2. Buttonhole too large or too small for the button.
3. Button not securely sewn.

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