Thursday, 18 September 2014

Pipli Applique

Applique is the application of the patch work on a base cloth. Orissa is known for its applique work. Previously this wok was carried out by professional tailors or "darjis". Later on the applique work was taken to Puri where it is used as canopy and flags along with other decorative work.

Any applique has a foundation on three elements: stitches, stripes and patchwork. Stitches are used to attach the stripes ( or patches) on the foundation fabric so as to create the patchwork, which is described in terms of various motifs.

The most common stitch in the applique is the chain stitch. Various stripes such as Phula patti or Sadha patti are used to create motifs. Motifs can be animals, fish, flowers, birds or trees.

Over time their have been changes in the craft. Various modern articles such as bags and kushan covers have been done in this craft. There is a very good demand of these products in the Indian and International markets.

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