Friday, 19 September 2014

Phoolpatti (Phulpatti) Work of Aligarh

In Phool Patti work, flower and leaf patterns are applied using cloth as patch work. Here small pieces of fabric are cut into different sizes and shapes. These are then folded and made into various petals and leaves. Finally they are stitched into the fabric with a hemstitch.

Fabrics like organdy, organza, kota and voile are used as the base and figures. Gold and Silver shimmer fabrics are also used for applique.

For stitching, machine threads are used, for ornamentation, Anchor threads are used. Badlas and Mukaish are also used sometimes to have some glitter.

Different shapes of leaves such as Badi patti, Dil Key phool ( Heart Shaped flowers), Gol patti or choti patti are used. 
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