Tuesday, 23 September 2014

New Book - Who is Mangalgiri- Essential Fabric Knowledge for Merchandisers

I take it a great pleasure to announce the arrival of my new book on Kindle. I am getting recurrent queries from readers who want the basic textile knowledge. I have conducted several sessions with store managers, buyers and merchandisers, who wished to have some basic book explaining all the relevant terms related to fabrics. I myself have struggled a lot when buying fabrics, as the terminologies are very different than those taught in textbooks of textile technology. 

It is said that merchandising is all about merchandise and the “ing” part is “right time, right place, and right cost. Thus It seems imperative that the merchandisers in the apparel trade should know about the merchandise, the building block of apparels, the fabrics.
This book is aimed at the industry professionals who are in this trade but are from a non-textile background and who want to know about fabrics. However this is equally useful for managers who are new in this trade and textile enthusiasts. 
Most of the other books dealing with fabrics are written in complex language and give more than necessary information about fabrics. In the process they go sometimes too technical and difficult to read. This book is an attempt to bridge the gap and help even novice to learn the tricks of trade very easily.
Every chapter starts with a day in the life of a merchandiser and these situations are used in this book to help learning, situations that the merchandisers learn in this trade day-in and day-out.
Special emphasis is made to cover Indian ethnic and Indian common fabrics, these are not found anywhere in this context. These fabrics have their own peculiar characteristics which make them unique to define.

I hope this book will fill a void which was long awaited to be filled.
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