Thursday, 20 September 2012

Learning about Viscose, Modal and Tencel

The production process of the three fibers has been convered elsewhere in the blog. Here I would like to discuss some of the properties useful for fabric buyers for comparison.

In dry state viscose is only slight weaker than cotton. However, in the wet state, the strength is about 38% that of cotton. That makes it a very tricky fiber to blend with cotton and subsequent dyeing with cotton. The fabric undergoes changes in shape when wet processing.

Also strength of cotton increases when wet- being 1.14 times that in dry state. However, for viscose it is about 0.5 times that in dry state. This necesssitates that the viscose should be dry cleaned rather than ordinarily washed.

Modal's strength is comparable to cotton in dry state. In wet state, it is about 78% of the cotton strength. For Tencel, it is much more than cotton both in dry and wet state.

A table comparing the properties of the three is given below:

The above table represents three fibers from Birla. VSF is the first generation viscose. Modal is second generation and Tencel is the third generation viscose.

This Link describes the precautions to be followed in viscose processing.

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mani M S said...

Yes above was useful,like to contact info of above yarn & fabric manufacture's in south

ishwarlal patel said...

Very good information , please provide more information about Tencel

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