Monday, 1 October 2012

What is FPT ( Fabric Package/Performance Test) and GPT ( Garment Package/Performance Test)

GPT- Garment Package/Performance Test

This test is done to analyze the performance of a garment after washing by the customer as per the wash care label.

We need three identical garments to perform this test:
1.       One Garment- Dimensional Stability
2.       One Garment – Appearance
3.       One Garment – Seam Slippage and Strength
4.       Button Pull Test- A Mock Patti is needed with about ten buttons attached to it.

Dimensional Stability is observed after washing.

Under appearance, visual observations are made regarding any changes in the fabric after washing. Defects like puckering, pilling, free movement of zipper.
Seam Slippage and Strength Test is done for all the seams present in the garment.

The aim is to find if the finished product is identical to the unfinished product.

Various buyers have their different requirements for GPT.

GPT is done after one wash or after three washes. Generally for Indian domestic suppliers or US buyers, GPT is done after three washes. For European buyers, GPT is done after one wash.

FPT- Fabric Package/Performance Test

Under FPT, about 3 meters fabric is required, the following tests are conducted:
1.       Yarn Count
2.       Construction
3.       GSM
4.       Fiber Composition
5.       Tensile Strength
6.       Tear Strength
7.       Colorfastness to washing at 40 deg.
8.       Colorfastness to rubbing.
9.       Colorfastness to perspiration.
10.   Colorfastness to Water.
11.   Shrinkage.

Here is an FPT from a company. 

Basically it contains the color properties and physical properties of the fabric. 


Anonymous said...

Good Post. Almost all buyers conduct this tests as well.

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