Friday, 7 September 2012

Pyjamas and Khadi- A visit to Khurrampur Village, Bijnor

It was refreshing to see the changed status of women of Khurrampur, using their home stitching machines and making Pyjamas  that are going to be sold in the markets at the Metros and T-2 and T-3 cities of India.

Thanks to the initiative taken by the sourcing arm of an ethnic retail company in India, this is one of the many projects undertaken by this company to improve the status of women in this country, besides providing the sustainable means of livelihood.

Traditionally these women are weaving handspun  khadi in their homes getting some meagre wages from the middlemen on the pitlooms. With the direct intervention their economic situation will undoubtedly improve.

Here are some of the pictures of that village. They have completed their orders of khadi for this season. Hence all the looms are without warps. However, thanks to the pyjama project, women can continue to earn their livelihood by stitching.

Look at the Pit and Small Khadi Loom

A view of the Rainbow in Khurrampur Village

Grandson and Proud Grandfather- Khurrampur

Notice the cord to lift the frames

Wooden Warpers beam

One More Khadi weaving Pitloom

Pitlooms are a part of every family in Khurrampur village

Instrument to Wind Yarn

Government is Doing its Bit

Side View of the Khadi Loom

Craft is everywhere in the village

A view of the open Sky with silver clouds

New Tool for Empowerment- Stitching Machine


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They really work hard..Hats-off to the Khurrampur villagers and thanks for sharing this admin..

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