Saturday, 19 February 2011

Joy of Kalamkari Printing- Process in pictures

I just had a trip to Andhra Pradesh. Watching Kalamkari printing was a fascinating experience. Here is a glimpse of Kalamkari process in pictures.

Diluted Ferrous Solution is Used to Get Teal color

Indigo or Ratanjyot is used to Get Blue Color

Alizarin Paste is Used to Get Pink Color

Flower is used to get this Gold Yellow Color

Conc. Ferrous solution is used to get this black color

Alum Gad is Boiled with Anar Chilka to Get Beige Background

Alum Gad is boiled with Alizarin to get Red background

Iron Solution Gad is boiled with Alizarin to get the black background
To have a more structured process knowledge, please read this document.

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Sauna kumari said...

Thanks for showing for kalamkari painting. i really like each of designs of kalamkari sarees. last few days i am searching design of kalamkari sarees online and this is really awesome work.

neeraja said...

Thank so much..what's the place name please..wonderful to visit i guess

neeraja said...

VEry nice and informative...pls share the name of the place in AP..very interesting place to visit I guess.

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