Sunday, 27 February 2011

difference between Sujni and Kantha

The difference between Sujni and Kantha - Please read this document for full description      

Sujni (Source of Image)



Sujni is very similar to Kantha. Because both are made of old materials and

embroider with the thread unpicked from borders of saris. But they differ in techniques:

Kantha (Source of Image)


•  In Sujni, running stitch worked in straight line but in Kantha they use spiral,

circular and conical forms.

•  In Sujni the outline of the motifs are done by chain stitch in dark colour but in

Kantha out lines are done by running stitch.

•  In Sujni the motifs are filled with running stitch and rest of the area is also

embroidering by the running stitch with the same base colour thread but in Kantha only

motifs are filled.


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