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Difference between Chanderi and Maheshwari Silk Saris

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Difference between Chanderi and Maheshwari Silk Saris

1. In Chanderi saris the designs are created on weft while in maheshwari saris the

designs are created on warp in the beginning itself and the weft remain same.  

2. While Maheshwari saris use around 4000 strings in warp, Chanderi saris use

more than 5600 strings and are therefore much more intricate and delicate.

3. Maheshwari saris normally use more linear patterns and less motifs while

Chanderi saris use a lot of motifs and they are mostly traditional floral.

4. The motifs used in Chanderi saris are more intricate than those in Maheshwari


5. Maheshwari saris use broad borders which follow patterns similar to those on

the walls of the fort of Maheshwari. Chanderi saris use a variety of designs in the




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