Wednesday, 17 February 2010

What is the Meaning of T500 100% Cotton 100x100 185x295 118: 4PI (1/1)

I was recently asked this question by a reader.

Let me explain this to you:

T500: Means number of threads per square inch of the cloth are 500. This is also known as the thread count.
To calculate. Cut a square inch of the fabric. Count the number of weft threads in that region and count the number of warp threads in the region and add the two. Thread count = Number of warp threads+ Number of Weft threads.

100% cotton: Is Self Evident. The fabric is made of 100% cotton.

100x100: It is the English count of warp and weft.

185 x 195 : This indicate the number of ends ( warp threads) and number of Picks ( weft threads) per inch. Incidently 185+195= ~500 which is the thread count.

118" is the width of the fabric in inches.

4PI(1/1) : It means that the weave is one-up-one-down but four picks are inserted at a time. If two picks are inserted at a time it is called DPI ( Double pick Insertion) if single pick is inserted it is called SPI ( Single Pick Insertion).

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Sakthi said...

Could you pls advise How to find reed and pick simply ...

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