Saturday, 20 February 2010

What is Coated Denim

One reader has asked about coated denim.

Such jeans have a coating that feels like as if the cotton of the denim is waxed. If black in color, the jeans shines up like leather pants.

The coating is generally done using pigment, acrylic or polyurethane coating. Pigment coating provides the denim a new look and experience after every wash. Acrylic and PU, however, act as a transparent coating. This protects the fading properties. It also gives the fabric a protective breathable layer with stain resistant properties. The luster and feel of the fabric are also improved.

Resin Coating is generally done with the help of wooden handle. A rubber squeezer is used to extract resin under pressure to form leather effect on denim garment. It is a neutral ( pH 7) cream-colored paste that is miscible in cold water and resistant to heat upto 200 degree
Celcius. It is self catalysed and chlorine resistant.

The coating can be applied on the garment by screen, brush or knife edge. Machine coating is also possible.

After applying coating the fabric is dried and cured at 150 degree Celcius of 5 minutes.

Normally the coating are permanent in nature and able to sustain multiple launderings.

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