Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Ergonomics in Apparel Industry

Workers involved in sewing activities such as manufacturing garments, are at a risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders. Therefore it is imperative that the design of sewing station, stitching, finework,scissor work and material handling should be ergonomically appropriate. This site talks about ergonomical solutions for the same. A lot of sketches and diagrams are given for easier understanding. Some very quick rules of thumb can be derived from the sketches:

1. Chair Height is correct when the work surface is at elbow height and the sole of the foot should rest on the floor.

2. Schedule frequent and short breaks to stretch and change position.

3. Height and Tilt adjustable tables help employees access their work without using awkward postures.

4. Edges of work surfaces should be padded or rounded, so that the workers can rest their arms against them.

5. Use of Adjustable task lighting and magnifying glasses at workstation can take care of fine work inspection.

6. Shorter width table should be used for scissorwork so that the workers dont have to bend and reach so far.

7. Lifting of weight should be done at waist level.

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