Monday, 15 February 2010

Distinguishing Linen from Cotton

The Following are the basic differences on the basis of which we can distinguish Linen from cotton:

1. Linen is about 20% more heavy than cotton.

2. It has a leathery feeling that is absent in cotton .

3. Cotton feels warmer(about 15-30% warmer) and holds heat better than linen.

4. On holding linen against light, the threads and the fibers composing the threads appear uneven and streaked as it is not possible to make linen yarn as uniform as cotton yarn.

5. On burning a linen thread, the fibers lie in the same position as before with no change except the scorched appearance. Burning a cotton thread causes the fibers to spread like a tuft.

6. Linen absorbs oil much better than cotton. To distinguish Linen with cotton in a piece of fabric, first remove all the impurities by washing and boiling. Then when if the fabric is dipped in oil, the linen fibers look transparent if held against the light. The Cotton remains nearly opaque.

7. Linen stands the action of sulphuric acid better than the cotton. To check a blend, first remove all the impurities then dip in con. sulphuric acid for a minute or two. Wash in water and dry on a blotting paper. All that remains on the blotting paper is linen. The cotton almost immediately dissolves in acid.

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