Sunday, 21 June 2009

The Measures of Fiber Length

The Measures of Fiber Length

1. Mean Length: Numerical Average length of fibres of given population of fibre.

2. Upper Quartile: Length for which 75% of all observed values are lower or 25% higher by weight or number

3. Modal Length: The most frequently occuring length of fiber.

4. Median Length: Length Below and above which 50% of fibres lie.

5. Half Fall Value: The fiber length higher than modal length having half the modal frequency by wt. (Group length longer than mode with frequency equal to 1/2 of mode.)

6. Effective Length: Upper quartile of numerical length distribution from which some of the shortest fibers, having length less than half of effective length are cutailed or eliminated.

7. short fiber %: It is the % of fibers having length less than 1/2 of the effective length value.

8. Uniformity Ratio: Ratio of 50% span length to 2.5 % span length.

9. Span Length: It is the distance that can be spanned by specified percentage of fibers in a test beard.

10. Irregularity: Percentage by weight fo fibers in a sample which are shorter than 3/4th of the mode.

11. Dispersion %: inter quartile range expressed as % of effective length.

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