Saturday, 20 June 2009

Listing Defect in Vat Dyeing

Listing Defect in Vat Dyeing and the Precautions to Prevent the Defect

Listing is the variation in color of centre of the fabric with the selvedge. Some of the reasons for this defect are:

1. Improper batching.
2. Non Uniformity in the selvedge
3. Redyeing of the fabric
4. Foam on the two sides of the jigger.
5. Slippage of the fabric from the roller during dyeing.
6. Shortcomings in the machine such as malfunctioning of guide roll, expander roller or improper squeezing.
7. Improper filteration of the colors, improper circlation of the liquor during dyeing. Difference in temperature of liquor in the centre and at the ends.
8. Mixing of colors which are not properly compatible.
9. Improper singeing

The remedies are:

1. There should not be any mechanical fault in the machine.
2. Take proper care during dyeing, like filter the color solution before using, ensure that all the controlling instrument ( temperature, time) work properly. Circulate the liquor continuously during dyeing.
3. If some shade is not coming out proper, dye with a slighly heavy shade without taking out the earlier color.
4. Join the fabrics of the same width while making a lot.

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