Wednesday, 3 June 2009

FAQ in textile dyeing

Here is an amazing site to answer the following ( and many more) frequently asked questions on Dyeing:

Which dyes are more lightfast?

How can I fix non-reactive dyes

Is there anything I can do to "set" the dye on purchased fabric?

How can I dye spandex (or Lycra or elastane)?

How can I dye nylon?

How can I dye rayon?

How can I dye satin or charmeuse?

How can I dye polyester?

What are mordants? What's the difference between mordants and other dye chemicals?

What is soda ash? What's it used for?

What temperature should the soda ash be?

What is the effect of pH? What is the optimal pH?

What is urea for? Is it necessary?

What is the effect of temperature?

Should I use distilled or spring water instead of tap water?

Do I need to use salt?

How are thickeners such as alginate used with dye?

How do you use Silk Salt or other large salt crystals to make bursts of color?

Help! I ruined clothing by spattering bleach. How can I fix it?

How do you "bleach" a screen print on a t-shirt?

Can you tie dye something that is already dark?

How can I neutralize the damaging effects of chlorine bleach?

What chemicals can be used to remove dye?

Which Procion MX dyes discharge the best? Which are good at resisting chlorine bleach?

Which Procion MX dyes are pure, and which are mixtures?

Which MX dyes at one supplier are the same as those at another?

How can I mix Procion MX dyes to get specific colors?

What is in Procion type dye powder?

What other brand names are Procion MX type dyes sold under?

What do the letters and numbers in the code name for a Procion MX type dye mean?

Which Procion MX dyes discharge the best? Which are good at resisting chlorine bleach?

Which Procion H dyes are pure unmixed colors, and which mixtures? How do they compare from one retailer to another?

Which Wash Fast Acid dyes are pure, rather than mixtures?

What are Kiton Levelling Acid Dyes?

My colors just washed out! What happened?

My colors are not very bright. What did I do wrong?

Why are there specks of color all over my fabric?

Why did the thread stay white when I dyed clothing?

How do you tie-dye a star or mandela pattern?

How do you tie-dye a spiral?

How do you tie-dye letters of the alphabet?

How can I tie-dye a peace sign?

How can I dye clothing or fabric in the washing machine?

Can I paint on clothing with oil paints?

Can I screenprint with a dye resist?

How do you tie-dye socks?

Is it safe to eat or breathe fiber reactive dyes?

Which dyes are the safest? Which are the most dangerous?

Aren't natural dyes always safer than synthetic dyes?

Is all-purpose dye safer than fiber reactive dye?

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