Monday, 22 June 2009

How to Improve Colorfastness in Vat Dyeing

Colorfastness Problems in Vat Dyeing- Reasons and Remedies

Causes of Poor Colorfastness in Vat Dyeing

Frequent addition of colors in the dye bath to match the shade. It disturbs the equlibrium between colors and chemicals.

- Improper oxidation

- Improper washing

- Some peculiar colors such as blue and brown also leads to this defect.

- Hardness in the water used

- Mixing of incompatible colors

- Usage of large quantities of reducing agent and alkali

- Improper temperature

- Improper wringing of the cloth

- Faults in the machine

- Not using essential chemicals such as dispersing agent or leveling agents.

- Dyeing in a finished cloth ( Resin or Silicon Finish)

- Improper preparation of the cloth or thread for dyeing ( Like not removing impurities or size)

How to improve colorfastness in Vat Dyeing

1. Dont frequently add colors during dyeing

2. Ensure proper reduction clearance

3. Ensure proper oxidation

4. Choose right colors and chemicals

5. Control Temperarue

6. Use soft water

7. Add Dispersing or levelling agent as per need

8. Dont redye finished cloths

9. Ensure proper washing after dyeing.

10. Treat the material with small amount of Ammonia and Sodium Hydrosulphite

11. Treat the cloth with large amount of reducing agent and alkali. This method can be resorted to if there is some bleeding in the colors.

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