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FAQs in cotton Spinning-2

FAQs in Cotton Spinning

Question: What are the causes of Cotton Fibre degradation

Light in the presence of moisture has a degrading effect on cotton fibres. Heat also affects strength, stretch and life of cotton.

Q: What are neps. How they are formed

Neps are fine specks in the form of tiny balls of entangled fibres. They are formed due to bad mechanical processing conditions. Longer and immature cottons are more prone to neppiness.

Q: What are naps. Hw they are different from neps

Naps contain fibres whcih are entangled together, but much more loosly than those in neps. A nap can open out while it is not possible to open out a nep.

Q. What is the necessity of a blowroom.

Textile mills are generally located far away from the fields where cotton is grown. Therefore, compressing loose cotton into a compact bale form is unavoidable for economic transportation. This cotton has to be opened in the blowroom.

Also during picking and ginning quite a number of impurities get associated with such cotton, to remove all such impurities from the cotton, blowroom sequence of machines is quite necessary.

Q. Why there are so many machines in the blowroom sequence

The real work of opening, cleaning and blending is done by the blowroom machines. The action of opening and cleaning should be gradual. Therefore, a number of machines are required which gradually open and clean the cotton. The machines in the beginning of the line are mostly expected to reduce the lump size, and the latter machines are expected to open out or still reduce the size of fringes or tufts.

Q. What are lattices in blow room line, what is their purpose

Lattices are made up of wooden legs which are either plain or spiked. Horizontally arranged lattices are mostly plain while spiked ones are meant for lifting purposes. They help to move the cotton ahead in regular and uniform quantities.

Q. What is the purpose of beaters.

The object of beating is to shake out the impurities and force them through specially arranged gridbars and perforated sheets.

Q. Why a three bladed beater is better than a two bladed beater

It is heavier in weight and each blow is more forcible than a two bladed beater. Besides, it gives 50% more beats, which means that this can be run at a lower speed than a two bladed beater and incidently reduces vibrations, wear and tear in the machine.

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