Saturday, 16 August 2008

FAQ in cotton spinning-4

FAQs in Cotton Spinning
Q. Discuss about the feed rolls used in opening machine with given headings.
(i) Definition, (ii) Construction, (iii) Fundamental, and, (iv) Types of feeding
Q. Define the beater in opening machine.
Q. What are the objects of beater?
Q. Express the drafts and their calculation. What is the difference between the actual draft and mechanical draft?
Q. What are the objects of carding? How are these objects fulfilled
Q. What is meant by card clothing? With a neat sketch show the parts of a card clothing.
Q. What is meant by neps in carding?
Q. Mention and briefly explain the factors in judging the quality of carding.
Q. What are the effects of doubling
Q. Explain about the function of drawing rolls used in drawing frame.
Q. What is meant by cotton combing?
Q. What are the objects of combing? Explain briefly how these objects are fulfilled.
Q. List the various yarn characteristics improved by combing.

Please see the answers to these questions here

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