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FAQ in cotton spinning-5

FAQ in Cotton Spinning-5

Question: What is the function of calender rollers.
Answer: The function of calender rollers primarily is:
a. To draw the web away from the doffer at a uniform rate as fast as it is stripped.
b. It exerts sufficient pressure on the sliver in order to reduce the bulkiness of this sliver.

Question: How diameter of trumpet hole varies with the thickness of the sliver.

Diameter of hole in inches= constant x sqrt (grains/yard of sliver)

constant= 0.022

Question : How does the setting to the following pair of card points affect the quality of sliver produced.
Taker in to cylinder: wider settings: creates neps and licker-in gets covered with fibres.
Back Plate to cylinder: wider setting causes fly to blow between flats.
Flats to cylinder: Closer settings gives better quality.
Front Plate to cylinder: closer setting-> reduces the weight of flat strip. wider setting-> results in heavier flat strips.
Doffer to cylinder: wider settings-> creates more neps as fibres go round the cylinder unnecessarily more times.
Feed plate to Licker in : wider settings-> lap is plucked without sufficient opening. So web quality is reduced.

Question: What are different types of carding wastes and their constituents
Answer: Licker- in waste-> short fibres, trash.
Flat Strips-> cotton fibres (short)
Stripping waste ( on cylinder and doffer wire)-> short fibres and trash

Question: Why flexible wire clothing is preferred over metallic wire clothing for running long fibres.
Answer: It is observed that flexible fillet has a more gentle carding action and gives lesser damage to good fibres.

Question: Why draw frame is needed
Answer: The fibres in a card web lie haphazardly criss cross to the web. Besides, fibres have either one or both end bent into the form of hooks. These haphazard fibres are required to be straightened and parallelised to the possible extent, also evenness and regularity of sliver is improved.

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