Wednesday, 10 December 2014

What is Laser Cut Fabric

As the technology is evolving, newer uses of the industrial application are finding their ways into art and design. One such way is creating designs by way of laser cutting of fabrics.

Laser cutting is a misnomer, as the laser never "cuts" the material rather it sears, burns or evaporates the material. In the process, it also seals the edges of the material, stopping it from fraying on the process.


It is a trendy fashion cut that enhances the charm of the fabric. Traditionally it was done on a limited scale, but with the advent of laser cutting, is done on a grand scale.

Laser cutting can also be used to create multiple layer effect applique by placing multiple pieces of fabric together, then cutting each by laser as necessary.
Jeans Engraving

It is a type of laser cutting, in which the top surface of the jeans is vapourised and by making the changes in the laser beam according to the requirement, an image can be generated.

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