Thursday, 4 December 2014

How to Preserve and Store your Precious Saris and Ethnic Dress Material-2

Storage of Textile Material

1. Avoid wood, cardboard, plastic and metal or use a heavy duty aluminium foil in between.

2. Cotton sheets can be used. But they need to washed periodically.

3. Do not use garment plastic bag, as there is no air circulation, no protection from light and plstic is non recommended.

There are two types of storage- Vertical and Horizontal

Vertical Storage

Use only that garment for vertical storage, if it is sturdy at the shoulder area.

The following are the steps depicting the storage: Source

Horizontal or Boxed Storage

Horizontal or boxed storage provides support for whole of the textile.

1. Line the box or shelf with unbleached muslin
2. Do not fold the textile. If not avoidable, pad the creases with muslin.
3. Do not stack several textiles one over the other.
4. If they are to be stacked, used acid free paper between them.
5. Store in a dark place, where there is stable heat, humidity and good air circulation.
6. Do not use Moth balls, when storing, while they discourage larvae, they are not repellent and are a suspected carcinogen.

Mending and Repairing 

The rule is always use like with like. So silk should be repaired with silk thread and cotton should be with cotton thread. One can use an inert thread such as polyester. 


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