Tuesday, 25 November 2014

What is Chintz and Glaze Finish

A fabric frequently sold as dress material has a very superior luster. In India it comes from Ahmedabad. This is called Chintz.

Chintz is a 100% cotton fabric with glazed finish and multi color print. These fabrics are made of 50% polyester and 50% viscose. Ideally, a chintz fabric should have a highly twisted cotton warp intersecting a low coarse twisted cotton weft yarn. The weave should be firm.

Glaze finishing in chintz can be done in two ways. The first method is called "non durable" and the fabrics made from this method are called friction glazed. In this case the fabric is given a starch finish and then it is pressed between heated calender to produce a high luster or polish. It has a very good gloss and hand. However as the base is water soluble, it is sold as dry cleanable product.

In the durable class, the fabric is treated with resin. The resin binds the fabric with the help of cross linking.

A method to identify if a finish is of durable or non durable class is to use a drop of iodine on the fabric. If the drop turns blue it is of durable class, else non durable.

In India, prints in the style of bandhini do come with Chintz finish, have a look below:

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