Sunday, 9 November 2014

A Note on Bandhini Motifs

Bandhini, which is a technique of tying-and-dyeing is practiced in some form or the other in most of the parts of the country. Here is a small guide to knowing what all the patterns and motifs for the dotted Bandhini practiced in Rajasthan are called as:


1. Bandhini Dots

a. Bindi: These are very small spots without a dark center.
b. Kori- The tear drop shaped or cowrie shell shaped motifs are called Kori.
c. Chundadi- Round Spots are called Chundadi
d. Ghatadi- Square spots are called Ghatadi

2. Bandhini Patterns

a. Single Dot Patterns are called Ekdali
b. Small dots with a dark center are called Boond
c. Circles and squared placed in the group of three are called Trikunti
d. A cluster of four dots is called Chauboondi.

Shikari is a pattern in Ghatchola where an animal motif predominates.


1. Excellent documents on the process of Bandhini can be found here and here

2. Cohands has its own way of describing bandhini.

3. Dayalbagh have uploaded a very educative video on Tie-and-Dye including Bandhini

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