Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Technical Specifications of Terry Rubia

A very popular fabric used for blouses for Sarees is called Rubia. Rubia is available as 100% cotton but a majority of it is a Polyester Cotton Blend of 67:33. The construction is either 2x2 or 2x1. The following are the technical parameters for the fabric:

Content/Composition: 70% Polyester, 30% Cotton
Weave: Plain
EPI (finished): 100
PPI ( Finished): 80
Yarn Count : Warp: 2/94s PC blend - High Twist ( single TM: 3.06, Double: 5.29)
Yarn Count: Weft: 2/94s PC blend- High Twist ( single TM: 3.06, Double: 5.29

Here the yarn is a simple ply yarn made of two singles evenly twisted together. This type of yarn is found in 2 by 2 rubia fabric. It has two plies of yarn in both directions.

Normally this fabric is available in 36" width. The fabric has a tensile strength of 41.25 kgf (warp) and 20.25 kgf( weft)- (20x 5 cms strip) and tear strength of 928 gm( warp) and 800 grams (weft)- KMI tear tester.

The colorfastness to washing, crocking, heat press and perspiration is 4-5. Dimensional stability after 3 cycles is 2%. 2% bow or skew and a rating of 4 wrt shade change and pilling in Abrasion ( 10K cycles). Washing shrinkage max lengthwise is 2% and widthwise is 1%.

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taylor madeline said...

If you wanna get the precise tensile strength of the fabric. I think the Elmendorf tear strength tester can also help you a lot!

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