Sunday, 12 February 2012

Laboratory Practicals in Dyeing

Following are the documents depicting the laboratory practicals for dyeing. These are extremely useful for students of Textile Chemistry and textile enthusiast.

1. Dyeing with Vat Dyes

2. Simple Color Matching 

3. Dyeing with Direct Dyes

4. Dyeing of Acrylic

5. Dyeing of Polyester

6. Dyeing of Wool with Milling Acid Dyes

7. Dyeing of Wool with Premetallised Dyes

8. Dyeing of Wool with Lavelling Acid Dyes

9.Creation of a successful match prediction database

10. Mercerising Cotton

11. Determination of Milling Shrinkage in Wool

12. Dyeing of P/C blend

13. Dyeing of Polyester with Disperse Dyes

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Anonymous said...

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