Monday, 27 February 2012

After thoughts on the recent Bhagalpur Trip

It was heartening to find the fact from the people there that Bihar is in fact progressing in the regime of Nitish Kumar. According to them, previously it was difficult to be on the roads after 8 pm, now you can easily roam about till 10. 

Bhagalpuri Ghicha
Bhagalpur Ghicha Made of Eri 
The two most glaring problems with Bhagalpur are lack of proper roads and electricity. The fact that it took us more than two and a half hours to reach Bhagiya, only 70 km from Bhagalpur tells about the pathetic conditions of road. Electricity problem is so acute that the entire powerloom industry is run on Diesel Generators with the result that there is too much pollution in the city. 

The roads are too narrow to accommodate so much population. Special efforts need to be done to plan it properly. 

The hotel Sriyash Regency was a good place with quite good facilities as compared to the city.

A room in Hotel Sriyash
One interesting aspects of this city is the emphasis on education. You can find huge showroom showcasing books and competition material. The whole city is filled with posters of Coaching for Bank P.O. and other exams.  

The most beautiful aspects of this trip was the landscape outside Bhagalpur littered with Tar trees. Going by the Ganges at your side was the most refreshing of all.  

They are still using direct dyes for dyeing Tus/Staple fabrics. It was interesting to see the use of synthetic resin ( Jeevan Jod) to be used with Arrowroot starching on the fabric. The people who work on cotton also work on Linen on powerlooms. It was enlightening to see  the weaving of Tussar Ghicha fabric at Bhagiya. The creative use of different Gotis ( Cocoons) to get different colors and textures is amazing. Most of the Silk Gaddis are owned by Vaish and Marwari community. 

Bhagalpuri Sari
There is still a lot to be done. People there just do not care for reservation and encroach freely in the compartments. A lot of chain pulling happens between Patna and Bhagalpur. 

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