Sunday, 5 February 2012

how to check a garment for fitting


• Lengthwise grainlines, side seams, center front and center back seams hang straight or at right angles to the floor.

• Crosswise grainlines are parallel to floor.

• Adequate wearing ease is available for sitting, moving and bending.

• Armhole seams curve smoothly over the end of shoulder.

• Darts point to the fullest part of the curve.

• Shoulder seam length comes to end of shoulders.

• Sleeves are comfortable with no wrinkles.

• Hipline fits smoothly.

• Hemline is even.

• Pant legs hang smoothly and do not restrict any part of the legs.

• Crotch depth is right, neither too low and baggy nor too tight and binding.

• Pants hang smoothly from the waist. The waistband fits the body comfortably and stays in place when bending and sitting.

• Pants have no pulls or excess fabric across the front or back crotch level.

• The length of the garment is becoming.



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