Saturday, 28 January 2012

Some Common Synthetic and Blended Fabrics-1

Here is a list and pictures of some synthetic and blended fabrics


Satin is a type of glossy fabric.

It is commonly used in apparel : satin baseball jackets, athletic shorts, women's lingerie, nightgowns, blouses and evening gowns, but also in some men's boxer shorts, shirts and neckties.Other uses include interior furnishing fabrics, upholstery, and bed sheets.

Polyester Satin

They are available in the following weights:

GSM: 85, 100, 140, 160, 210, 230

Lycra Satin

A typical fabric has a composition of 97% Polyester with 3% Spandex, with specifications of 50D*75D+40S and with a fabric density of 250*104. Available in widths of 57"/58" with a weight of 90GSM .  Also available in 100, 120 and 140 GSM and widths of 42" and 44". 

Nylon Satin

 It is available in the GSM: 80, 100 with width of 42”, 44”. 

You can have a look here at the qualities running in grey fabric, yarns and finished products in Surat.

The following is a video depicting how to illustrate satin

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