Sunday, 8 January 2012

Bijnor Textile Cluster- Afterthoughts

Visit to Bijnor cluster was enchanting. Situated on the banks of Ganges, I could see the prosperity of powerloom owners in the villages of Sedha, Nahtor and Chandpur. Equally disturbing is the struggle that handloom weavers are facing in Kiwar. A lot needs to be done to improve the condition of that village.

Khadi is made in the village of Peruwala and the looms are pitlooms as compared to Sedha where frame handlooms are used. It was heartening to see a full-fledged reactive dyeing plant in full operation in Nahtore. Could see fabric from Seersucker to lightweight Denim being made on the powerloom.The houses are still of the older generation, having timber roofs with lots of alcoves and thick walls. Out side it was mustard and Sugarcane fields that greeted us everywhere we went. Fresh Gur was being made in the way and its soft aroma was filling our nostrils. Also elections are round the corner, so saw many congregration and announcements. Good to see conditions of roads in general.

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