Thursday, 5 January 2012

Getting Bright Red Color in Vat Dyes

One solution proposed is to mix Brown R and Red 6B.

Brown R chemically has an excellent wash fastness and dry rubbing fastness of 4 and light 6-7. However, its color fastness to rubbing in wet is only 3.  Source

Red 6B chemically also has an excellent wash fastness of 4. However its dry rubbing is only 3-4 and wet rubbing is only 3.  Source

Thus it is difficult to obtain the good rubbing fastness in this combination of dyes.

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hanu said...

A good post i think
You can get bright reds in vats by using yellow 5G , Pink R pdr ,Red 6B and Orange RRTN , but the problem is Cost of dyeing , since cost of Red 6B and Pink R are very high.Instead of vats reactive dyed material with good washing and appropriate dyefixer ( in alkaline medium) can fulfill almost all fastness requirements.

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