Sunday, 3 July 2011

What is Cold Peel and Hot Peel in Heat Transfer Printing

Difference between Cold Peel and Hot Peel in Heat Transfer Printing

Heat Transfer printing is an indirect printing method where, rather than printing inks directly on to a garment, inks are printed on to paper (called transfer paper), dried, then ‘transferred’ under a heat press on to the garment. Transfers are produced basically in two ways: these are Cold Peel (cold-split) transfers, and Hot-Peel (hot-split) transfers. Cold Peel method is where the transfer paper is allowed to cool down completely after application and before removing. This gives a semi-glossy, rubbery feel to the print. Hot peel method is where the transfer paper is peeled off the hot transfer immediately after the transfer is applied. When the paper is peeled hot, a portion of ink remain on paper and the rest on the fabric. Hot peel transfers feels just like screen prints. 

There is an excellent article about how to do the transfer printing here. To know in general about heat transfer printing one can go here .

Excalibur Product Manual is a trasurehouse of information about screens and heat transfer printing

An amazing introduction to Screen printing is done in comic style here

Very handy Hints and Tricks can be found here

By the way, metallic colors are not suitable for heat transfers.

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