Monday, 25 July 2011

Technological Institute of Textile and Sciences, Bhiwani

It would be an injustice if I do not dedicate this blog to Technological Institute of Textiles(TIT), Bhiwani - the institute where I did my graduation from.


I joined the institute in 1990, barely knowing anything about textiles. At that time ( and I guess still now) the institute reverberated with anything related to textiles. I still remember the first lecture we attended of Revered Mr. Dhamija about Textile Raw Material. He seemed to be knowing everything about textiles ( which we found out later he actually did). I remember attending the lectures of Introduction to Textile Processes by Mr. Bhatnagar and Mechanism of Weaving by Mr.Arya. While we struggled our way to know about textiles, we got 'helped' a lot by our seniors who taught us short cuts to pass a particular course- which sometimes worked also. Textile Testing was taken care of by Mr. Punj and yes, it was Mr. Manuja who tried to run us throuh Engineering of Textile Structure. We were particularly influenced by Mr.R.K. Singh ( aka 'Raka') whose penchant for making graphs while teaching Synthetic fibers was particularly noted ( I remembered whenever he uttered "Rheology" and "Miscelles" while lecturing, I got so frustrated that I could not take any further notes ). Then came Mr.Tyagi and Mr.Sharma who tried to take us through to the subjects of Spinning and weaving respectively. Mr.KN Chatterjee made the subject of Fabric Structure very easy for us to learn. The best part about this institute is the mill attached to it which makes the whole process of learning very fast. 

TIT has a very good alumni following, with its ex students spread all across the globe. It has this organisation called TITOBA ( TIT Old Boys Association) which after girls started coming to the institute has become TITOSA (TIT old Students Association). TITOBA is a rather loose organisation with chapters all across the cities and regions of the world. Some attempts have been made to make to online. One of them is TITOBA on the NET by Mr. Dudeja, which has been a great effort. 

Now that you've finished reading this post, what are you going to do? You should join the Forum.

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