Thursday, 2 September 2010

What is Tapestry Weave

Tapestry is the name given to a weave in which two basic principles are found at play:

1. The hiding of the warp with a closely packed weft to secure solid planes of color.
2. Weaving of independent weft each confined to its own area within any given pick.

The places where the two colors junction intermingle, any one of the following methods may be employed:

If the two weft picks interlock each other, it is called interlock.

If the interlocking is on alternate rows it is called single interlock.

If it is practiced on each row it is called double interlock.

If the two weft picks interlock around a common warp without simultaneously interlocking with each other, it falls within the category of dovetail tapestry.

If there is no interlocking at color junction this is called slit tapestry or Kilim.

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