Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Common Parameters measured in Silk Yarn

Common Parameters measured in a Silk Yarn: An Example

Direction of Twist: S
Average Twists Per Metre: 691.4 Turns
C.V.Twist: 3.09 %
Percentage of Twist Deviation: 1.23 %
C.V.Size: 4.18%
Cleanness: 98.2 Percentage
Neatness: 96.15Percentage
Tenacity: 3.89 Grans/Denier
Elongation: 19.2%
Average Moisture Regain: 10.99%
Circumference of the Swift:*** Inches
Skein Weight:  about 500 grams

To know more about these tests you can click here.

General Denier Qualities in Mulberry Silk


General Norms for Organzine Twist

z800- Z direction Twist, No. of twists per meter-800
s850- s direction twist, No of twists per meter- 850

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