Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Some More Notes on Ajrakh

1. True Ajrak or Ajrakh is only worn by men

Image Via Indianetzone.com

2. Ajrak printing can be applied to one side of the cloth called Ekpuri. Bipuri is double sided printing.

3. As these designs conform to Islamic design principles, they must not depict human or animal figures.

4. Saudagiri is the most highly documented genre of block design.

5. Riyal are those designs in Ajrak which are built around circular motifs.

6. True Ajrakh blocks are square, must matchup on all four sides, and also reflect to allow the reverse of the cloth to be printed.

7. Simples form of Ajrak has only one shade of red and blue. To apply additional shades of red, blue, yellow and green is called Meenakari.

You can read a brief description of the Ajrakh process here.

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